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UX - Benefits

Ux gives many benefits to business:
Reduced costs
Improved quality
Increased productivity
Higher revenues
Reduced errors
"83% was the average improvement in key performance indicators (KPI) generated by good UX"
(Nielsen Norman Group)

UX - Considerations about user experience

First of all you have to answer these simply questions about your interface:

How easy is it to understand what actions to take?
Does it respond quickly
How quickly can a task be completed?
How reliable is the application (does it crash)?
Does it seem secure and is my data safe?
Is the outcome accurate or are there errors?

UX can't be done after development and a graphic designer is not always a UX expert.

Atificial Intelligence - Barack Obama Interview - Wired

The #Future of the #World - #Artificial #Intelligence 
“Oh, we can figure this out.” #Startup #BarackObama 

Wired -

NycTech Startup Investment

$879M was invested in 860 seed/angel rounds in NYC over the last 12 quarters

Apple Pay at the pump

ExxonMobil lets you buy gas using Apple Pay at the pump 

Una Start-up è:

"Una startup è un'istituzione umana studiata per creare un nuovo prodotto o servizio in condizioni di estrema incertezza."

Simple the truth

"A photograph is shaped more by the person behind the camera than what's in front of it."

Linkedin or Facebook - Work of Facebook

Interesting news by Facebook: "Work" a sort of Linkedin and Slack together.

Take a look here: